At Home Obedience - Your House, Your Dog, My Expertise!
If you're like us, your pets are family members.
And just like family members - sometimes we are embarrassed or frustrated by their inappropriate behaviors!
Together we can:
Reduce Nuisance Barking
Discourage Digging
Stop Leash Pulling
Improve Potty Training
Manage Multiple Pets
Ease Separation Anxiety
Modify Chewing/Destructive Behaviors
Manage Aggressive Behavior
Learn Basic Obedience Skills
Achieve Successful 'Come When Called'
Eliminate Jumping Up
Neutralize Nipping
Stop Begging and Counter Top Surfing
Demystify Dog Body Language
Create New Relationship Rituals
Set Off-Limit Areas
And more!
Using positive reinforcement, dog-friendly training methods we can establish a healthy, respectful relationship between you and your dog.
We come to your home on your schedule.  If your dog does not listen in your own home - they are certainly not going to listen in the hustle and bustle of city streets and parks.
So what else can we learn?
Watch me/Focus
Take It
Leave It
Drop It
Loose Leash Walking
Socialization with People
Socialization with Other Animals
Agility Basics
And even more!
I have been training dogs and their people since 1987. 
Contact us today to schedule services or for more information.
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